JPNov is committed to developing original products and services in the field of electronics ands acoustics.

The demonstration of fully functional prototypes helps interested companies estimate the economical value of these innovations.

Three devices are currently available. The first one concerns the measurement of a parameter of a fluid such as the velocity of a gas in movement in a pipe, the second device deals with interactive windows and the third one flat loud speakers.

The first device, an ultrasonic gas flow meter, is characterized by a large measuring range. It is well suited for intermediate to high density gas such as N2, O2, CO2, propane, butane,...Xenon. It can also be used to monitoring human respiration particularly as a Spiro meter or as a CO2 control monitor .

Interactive windows are large touch panels of several square meters activated by voice and finger taps. These interfaces can be found in various business activities such as point of sales, access control or as a means to reduce handicap.

The flat loud speakers are made for specific environment in which the form factor is a key parameter. They can also be transparent.

Jean-Pierre Nikolovski